Our Policy Statement

Working towards total customer satisfaction, we uphold Quality as our main ingredient. Product Safety and legality is our guarantee, through product expertise, first-class service, modern equipments, continuous improvement and a highly committed pro-active staff.

We have a complete ISO 22000 and HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT (HACCP) system in place which is monitorerd by a team of highly trained, fully-qualified laboratory technicians who comprise our Quality Assurance Department duly certified by a third party auditor.

Our major customers include:

Mars, Hershey Food Corporation, Nestle Company, Arnotts Biscuits, Kellog's, Cadbury Schweppes Pty, Ltd., Marks and Spencers, Kraft Foods, Sanitarium, ICA Handlarnas AB, Shoei Foods Corporation, Lotte Confectionery and most major desiccated coconut users worldwide.

We are also Certified for British Retail Consortium. ISO 22000 and O K Organization for our Kosher.