Primex Coco Products, Inc.
Quality is our main ingredient.

Since 1991, The Primex Group of Companies has been aiming to produce tons of world-class high grade quality coconut products for the world. Such high grade coconut products include Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Oil, Banana Chips and Coconut Milk Powder among others, are produced by The Primex Group of Companies in order to meet the growing demands of tastefully discerning customers from all over the globe. The robust combination of our product expertise, continuous improvements, investments in high grade equipment and a committed staff of close to 5,000 passionate individuals who adhere to the strictest sanitary conditions, have yielded quality products that carry the mark of global excellence.
Currently with seven factories, The Primex Group of Companies has an annual capacity of 375,000 metric tons of Crude Coconut Oil, 50,000 metric tons of high quality Desiccated Coconuts, 10,000 metric tons of the finest Banana Chips and 3,000 metric tons of top of the line Coconut Milk Powder which are made to serve industrial end users as well as bakeries and manufacturers of confectionery goods. With our TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, we ensure that only the safest and the best arrive at the production facilities of manufacturing partners, snack packs of our retailers and especially the kitchens of dedicated homemakers.
Situated in 7 different locations all over the Philippines, The Primex Group of Companies is currently the largest user of coconut as a raw material in the world, processing an estimate of over 8.5 million pieces of coconuts a day.

Working towards total customer satisfaction, our commitment is to meet even the most unique requirements of our customers. That is why we make available various grades, specifications and granulations for those who choose our products. This is because we believe each end product is as unique as each of our customers.