Desiccated Coconut

All of our Desiccated Coconut products have an all natural coconut flavor. They come in a variety of forms from chips, shredded, flakes, granules and macaroons. These Desiccated Coconut products are pure white in color, free from any off-smell or off-taste, paring specks and other foreign bodies. All of them are neither leathery nor very soft or hard, but firm – the ideal consistency for such products. As with all of our products, this successfully passed each and every one of our meticulous and unforgiving quality checks which include metal detection and microbiological analysis.

We also have Sweetened, Toasted and Sweetened Toasted variants to our Desiccated Coconuts for those who may want a twist to their snacking experience. These are also in various cuts for various ideal uses. Our Mediums are ideal for chocolate fillings, donut toppings, ice cream bars, lamingtons and health bars. The Fine granules are great for all cakes, biscuits, baked macaroons and other desserts. The Extra Fine granules are best used as a main component in making coco bread and candies. Then there are the Flakes which are ideal for topping for cakes and donuts, with the sweetened and toasted variant for cereals. Our Fancy Shred on the other hand makes for lovely muesli bars, cake toppings and also for decoration. Lastly, our Chips are perfect for cereals and fabulous as cake toppings or delicious tropical mixes as a health snack.